For me, Shimmer spells Magic and I am on a perpetual pursuit for that sparkle which brings extra to the ordinary. Born out of love for all things Beauty,  ShimmerMe is my Beauty Blog where I share my thoughts and tips on Makeup and Skincare, reviews of and recommendations for Beauty Products. The posts are tagged under different categories such as Makeup, Skincare, Nutrition, Hair and Folio, where I feature looks that I do on others. Social Media : Facebook Instagram Pinterest

About Me

I am a Makeup Artist and a Beauty Blogger. I have always loved makeup and after I quit my corporate career, I decided to make my passion my profession. I did a Professional Media Makeup course in Dubai which helped me learn from talented and experienced makeup artists like Kate Goodwin and Melanie Meyer. Learning from experts who work with luxury brands like Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Dior to name a few and whose work are featured in the likes of Elle Arabia and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia was an overwhelming yet highly rewarding experience.

My love for writing found a new outlet through ShimmerMe. Being a Beauty Blogger keeps me on my toes, constantly thinking of new topics and tips that I can share with my followers.

What does Makeup mean to me? 

Deep inside, all of us know that we are beautiful. And whether we openly admit it or not, we want to be more beautiful. Makeup for me is a tool to further enhance the beauty. It is something that reflects my mood, an accessory that completes every look.

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