15 years of Luxurious Ayurveda!

15 years of Luxurious Ayurveda!

If you cannot eat it, do not use it on your skin – a ground rule endorsed by Ayurveda for thousands of years is a standard that Forest Essentials has always upheld. My first introduction to this iconic brand happened a few years ago, while watching an episode of Koffee with Karan. The video ad aired in between the show was captivating enough to make a visit to the store. Four years from my first buy, I am smitten by FE. While I continue to visit the store for refills every couple of months, this is one brand that makes me eager to try their new launches too.

2016 marks 15 years of Forest Essentials. This round up of my top 5 from the brand is a tribute to one of the best Skin and Hair care brands with its roots deep and firm in Ayurveda.

Bhringraj  Head Massage Oil

Hailing from Kerala hair care ritual in the teens meant biweekly scalp massages with good old Coconut oil. A few years ago, after pleasant experience with other skincare products from FE and reading through the ingredients on the label, I decided to try a bottle of Bhringraj. What I love about the oil is that it’s cold pressed, which means it is still in its purest form and retains maximum nutrition.  Bhringraj is a good concoction of Coconut oil, Black Sesame oil, Brahmi and Licorise extracts which improves scalp health, supports hair growth, prevents premature greying and combats hair loss while also keeping the scalp cool. 

Soundarya Ultra Rich Body Lotion with 24 Karat Gold & SPF 25

Now here is an amazing body moisturizer which also provides natural SPF. This is my favorite pick from the Soundarya range of products. Soundarya is a collection from FE which uses Swarna Bhasma, a celebrated ingredient in Ayurveda known to have deep penetrating quality to improve skin complexion. Oils like Almond, Wheat Germ and Shea butter present in this rich yet light body lotion makes it extremely nourishing and works wonders for dry skin. This one is forever to stay in my bag of daily skincare essentials.

Cane Sugar & Tamarind Body Polisher 

I do not take a chance with running out on this inimitable body polisher. I haven’t found a better product that exfoliates and hydrates the skin. This particular body polisher is highly recommended for removing tan. Use this instead of shower cream/gel twice a week. It guarantees radiant and glowy skin after every use. And to top it all, Bergamot & Orange peel oils give it the fresh citrusy fragrance, bringing the spa home.

Nargis Cleansing Shower Butter

A staple in my skincare routine ever since it’s launch last year, my preference for shower creams over shower gels is sealed with this one. It’s creamy consistency lathers on moist skin and leaves no residue once you rinse off with water. What it leaves behind though, is the dainty scent of the winter flower, Nargis and well nourished skin.

Bela Facial Tonic Mist

Face mist is a must have in my bag round the year. It is hydrating and a spritz during the day adds an instant fresh glow to the face. I have been using FE Panchpushp facial mist for a while and thought of giving Bela a try when it hit the stores recently. What I can’t get enough of is the unique and pleasant scent of Bela(Arabian Jasmine). I heard this one is a seasonal launch and I am sure stocking up a few.

Apart from these 5 must-haves, there are other products that I am hooked on to like the Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan and Hand pounded Organic Fruit Scrub. 

When it comes to Skincare, I vouch for natural ingredients. What has kept me devoted to FE is the amazing blend of ingredients offering multiple benefits in every single product. If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s about time!

More power to you FE!!

All you need is SUNSCREEN!

All you need is SUNSCREEN!

Drink it Neat, this weekend!

Drink it Neat, this weekend!