5 shades of Red

5 shades of Red

‘Burnt Red’ by Bobbi Brown. That was the shade which made me a Red lips convert several years ago. A brick red shade, it was a good start. It wasn’t too loud, didn’t scream for attention and was the rich, deep color which eased me into the beautiful world of red lip colors. These days more and more women are open to experimenting with red; some even doing an overkill, sporting the same shade of red at every do. On the blog today I have 5 gorgeous women wearing 5 different shades of red with such confidence and poise, that would make you want to give the classic cult favourite Red, a try. Also, I am sharing my top 5 tips for anyone to rock this timeless hue.

A Red that flatters your complexion

Yes, Ruby Woo looks spectacular on your friend, but not necessary that it would on you. So here is where we get to the basics of complexions and color choices. Bright reds with blue undertones add vibrancy to fair complexion, Orange-based Brick reds flatter medium olive tones while Plum reds are elegant on dark mocha skin tones. Know your skin undertones. If you have olive, yellow undertones, stick to warmer shades of red, tomato reds, golden reds and brown reds and if you have pink undertones, look for shades of red with blue or purple tones in them.

Eye Makeup

From winged liner to black smoky eyes to shimmery gold eyes, the girls are sporting different eye makeup here showing the versatility of the timeless lip color. Black smoky may be the perfect accompaniment to your MAC Rebel for an evening look while soft bronzy eyes complement Stila Fiery for a glamorous day look.

Finish and Formula

It doesn’t always have to be glossy. Matte, Satin, Shimmer, Sheer can be gorgeous too. Don’t shy away from lip crayons, liquid lipsticks, lip stains. You may just ditch the standard lipstick after you try out these formulas.


Red, be it any of its hue is a bold shade. It is a color that is created to stand out. And for that very reason, your lips have to be impeccably smooth when you are wearing red. Red draws attention and you wouldn’t want it on dry, chapped lips. And soft smooth lips would ensure that your color stays on longer too.

The Occasion

As much as I’d suggest wearing a red lip anywhere, I believe that different occasions call for different types of red lips. A bright bold red like Bobbi Brown’s 'Parisian Red' could be your pick for a night out or cocktail party, whereas you may want to choose ‘Cruella’, a deep velvet red by NARS to nail the bold look for a work day.

Shades of Red

Kavya: Cruella by NARS, Panna: Ruby Woo by MAC, Karishma: Cassis by Bobbi Brown, Roshni: Fiery by Stila, Praseeda: Red by Bobbi Brown

(From Left to Right) Top: Kavya Bhandary, Panna Poornima, Karishma Shetty, Bottom: Roshni Thomas, Praseeda Menon

It was an absolute joy to do Makeup for these five lovely women one after the other. Literally kept me on my toes, and I am super thrilled with how the looks turned out. A huge shoutout to Panna Poornima for the beautiful hairdos and thanks to the lovely ladies for accepting my request at short notice and for being such born posers :-)

I hope I have inspired or atleast helped you to find your shade of Red. And when you find it, slip into your favourite LBD, put on your high heels and step out to watch those heads turn. Happy Weekend lovelies XOXO


Simple yet Chic Feat. Prema Patil

Simple yet Chic Feat. Prema Patil

Give your classic liner a graphic twist! Feat. Roshni Thomas

Give your classic liner a graphic twist! Feat. Roshni Thomas