A decade long love affair with Bobbi Brown!

A decade long love affair with Bobbi Brown!

"If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime." As years go by, you would meet new people, make new friends but there would always be a few that would remain close to you and continue to be an integral part of your life. It’s the efforts put in by individuals to build and sustain the relationship regardless of the distance and other hurdles that make these friendships last a lifetime. Similarly when it comes to brands, there are a zillion to choose from these days. But there will always be a few that you trust, that you follow fervently, that makes you feel at home even if it’s after a short interval. Loyalty, as we call it in the world of brands is definitely something that takes time and a myriad of positive experiences to build. As it may be obvious to most of you by now, I am an ardent fan of Bobbi Brown. And as I complete a decade long bond with this brand, I couldn’t resist sharing the ‘WHY’ behind this beautiful relationship.

Now this is a topic that I can write a whole book about. From experiences with Bobbi Brown artists to reviews of each product that I use, to admiration for the lady behind the brand, there is a lot to share. But with a great deal of effort put in to keep this concise, here are my top 6 reasons for being smitten by this brand.

A perfect marriage of Makeup and SkinCare

A Hydrating Face Cream which instantly moisturizes while serving as a Primer, a Tinted Moisturizer which hydrates the skin while providing that perfect sheer coverage and radiant complexion, a Soothing Cleansing Oil which removes makeup effortlessly while moisturizing your skin, Lipsticks in gorgeous shades which conditions and repairs your lips every time you wear it. Bobbi Brown is a brand that is well known for creating a wide range of products that combine Makeup with great Skincare and to me that is very appealing. Products like these are ideal for many who do not have the luxury of time to  follow a time consuming beauty regime. Also, these multi-purpose products ensure that your beauty bag stays compact while guaranteeing your skin all the care it needs.

Makeup that complement Yellow undertones

Embracing the philosophy that foundations are to even your skin tone and not to change the color of your skin, all Bobbi Brown foundations and powders have a yellow base. This is because almost everyone has yellow undertones in their skin. Finding that right shade of concealer and foundation is tricky but I am fairly certain that the search for your perfect foundation will end right here. Bobbi Brown offers foundations in over 30 shades and in 5 different formulae that you would be able to find the one that complements your skin the best.  Other products such as lip colors, eye palettes, bronzers are also in shades and tones that compliment yellow undertones.

Products that are gentle on the skin

In the 10 years of using Bobbi Brown products, never have I experienced an allergy or an adverse reaction. There are specific products for every skin type and condition. Hence this is one brand that I am not afraid to endorse and recommend to friends and family. And to date, those who I have recommended the brand have turned ardent loyalists.

Commendable customer experience

With every visit to a Bobbi Brown store, I have made amazing friends. There is one thing that I have observed that’s common to every Bobbi Brown artist that I have come across so far. Their agenda is not to sell products off the rack, but an earnest desire to help women find the right products that can enhance their natural beauty and make them feel more confident. Now that is what I mean by great customer experience. And yes there is great humility and approachability that goes a long way.

The Founder and the Philosophy

If someone were to ask me about my role model, without a second thought I would say it is Bobbi Brown.  In an era when Makeup was all about fair skin and red lips, Bobbi carved out an identity for herself and other women by creating a brand that is synonymous with natural Makeup. Through her brand, she has not just defined the way women should wear Makeup, but also the way they should see themselves and embrace their individuality. That thought and resulting revolution is very inspiring.

Pretty Powerful

I still recall seeing the Pretty Powerful Campaign for the first time and being able to relate to it instantly. Because, who I saw on the ad were women just like me who were struggling with their perceptions of Beauty and Makeup. In 2010, drawing inspiration from her belief that “all women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful”, Bobbi introduced Pretty Powerful, an ad campaign that was aimed at boosting confidence in women through embracing their natural beauty. In 2013, Bobbi launched the Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls, a non-profit movement aimed at empowerment through education. Through sale of new and limited edition products, the campaign raises funds each year to support programs that provide women and girls knowledge, skills and experience to overcome the social inequalities that they face.

If these aren't good enough reasons to love a brand, I wonder what else would be :). 

Do write to me in case you need more information about specific Bobbi Brown products. I would be happy to share my experience if I have used them.

And as Bobbi says, let’s always stay Pretty Powerful ladies. xoxo

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