Be Brave, Go Bold!

Be Brave, Go Bold!

There is something about a woman who gets her bright lips right. To me, she is fearless, poised and seeks approval from none other than herself. I have always been in awe of women who are daring to wear bright and bold lips. Wearing a tangerine or neon pink may be daunting for quite a few of us, but when worn right is the one look which can make many heads turn. A perfect alternative to smoky eyes, bold lips give power back to the lips as against the usual focus on eyes. It is a look which exudes confidence and the right color is all the character that you need. So here are a few pointers from someone who has learnt it the hard way, how to rock those bold lips.

Find color tones that flatter your complexion

It may be by the cult classic or the trending color, but if it doesn’t complement my complexion, I wouldn't wear it. Knowing your skin undertones which is either cool (pinkish) or warm (yellowish) is the key here. Many may have combinations of warm and cool tones, but there will always be a dominant undertone. An easy way of figuring out your skin undertone is the silver or gold test. If your complexion looks more radiant in silver jewelry, you have a cool undertone and if gold looks better on you, you have a warm undertone. Bright peachy pinks and poppy reds are great for those with cool undertones. Rich berry and wine shades with a blue undertone are amazing for a bold night look. Those with medium or olive skin tones can go crazy with orange-y and cherry reds which will amazingly complement their golden undertones. Bright berries, deep maroons and chocolaty reds flatter darker complexions.

Don a perfect canvas

Make sure that your complexion is flawless, concealing any darkness or discoloration around the mouth. When you wear a bright color on your lips, you are drawing all the attention there, making an uneven skin tone obvious. Apply concealer on the lips to create an even base to glide on the lipstick. It is also important to apply concealer around the corners of your lips to prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Balance out other Makeup

So there is one thing that I believe in when it comes to Makeup. It’s not always about following norms, it is absolutely okay to experiment and perhaps come up with your own set of norms. Bold lips and minimal eyes are the norm. When I go bold on my lips, I prefer going easy on the eyes too. I may just flick it slightly with a liner like I have done here. But may be for a night look, I would opt for bold red lips with a smudged or soft smoky eye. The focus here is to balance your Makeup. While going bold on the lips, let the lips take the center stage and everything else subtly complement it.

Find that shade that complements your outfit.

While you are opting for bold or bright lips, finding a shade that complements your outfit is as important as finding one that flatters your complexion. Bold lips are great to pair with monochrome outfits. Avoid teaming bold colors with large bold prints or outfits in contrasting colors. What you should be looking for is harmony and how each element of your look complements your prominent lips.

Start subtle

If you find a bold lip intimidating, you can perhaps start with a lip stain. To stain your lip, apply lipstick to the center of your lips, blending outwards and  reducing the intensity as you go.This is a great way to get comfortable with a bold color before you go all out.

I can’t be leaving you without sharing the cardinal rule of bold lips. Always carry the lip shade in your bag to maintain the color. There is nothing worse than patchy and worn out bold lips. To make sure that your lipstick stays longer, it's also good to blot your lips with a tissue before applying the second layer of color.

Now that we have a few tips on what to watch out for while going bold with your lips, I am hoping that we shed our inhibitions and be brave to go bold. 

Lipstick: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square
Wardrobe: Top & Denims - Zara




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