Five Days, Five Looks, One Dame!

Five Days, Five Looks, One Dame!

“Corporate law can be stressful but exciting, and I think taking a few minutes to plan my outfit and look really helps me approach each day with positivity. I also feel ‘dressed for the job’ in a sense, and it lends to the sense confidence I feel at office.”
— Asmita Mishra, 25, Corporate Lawyer

The sense of bliss when you meet like-minded people! The attempt to dress up for the occasion and look different every day is what kept my creativity alive in an otherwise mundane corporate world. Pairing a crisp white shirt and a high-waist skirt with your favorite pair of heels for a client meeting or choosing that cute floral dress for a dress-down Friday at work is appropriate but also different. When you make an effort to look sharp, wear your hair, wear your make-up differently, you are bringing to the table an extension of your personality. The truth is that your appearance plays a huge role in how others hear you and how your message is taken. Oh by no way am I saying that you have to be draped in your finery at work place, but let your appearance be a reflection of yourself - be it quirky, fun or sophisticated!

Asmita, featured on the post today is a Corporate Lawyer. She works unpredictable hours that range from 10 - 18 a day between her desk and client meetings. But that doesn't stop her from giving herself a few minutes in the morning to plan her look for the day. She says doing so makes her feel confident and ready to take on the day. It's beautiful minds like these that inspire me :-)

For the post, I have put together 5 different looks on her for every day of the week. By choosing different outfits and making subtle changes to your hairstyle and makeup you can look so versatile. And much to your delight, I have used minimal makeup and effortless techniques for these looks.

That Monday glow though!

It's a fresh start to the week! No matter how crazy your calendar looks, I bet you don't want to show it on your face. Dewy, Fresh, Subtle is my choice of makeup for Asmita. 'Moon Dust' from Huda Beauty Eyeshadow palette is applied all over the lids for a subtle glow. Eyes are tight lined and mascara is generously applied to make the lashes look thicker and fuller. Lips are filled in with NARS Bansar, one of my go-to nude brown shades. And for that fresh bronzy glow, I used Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze along the cheekbones. You think that could take more than 10 minutes on a manic Monday morning. Of course not :-)

Just Wing it! Tuesday, Eyeliner, Everything.

Well you could wing your life. But anyone who has attempted a winged eyeliner would know that it requires great deal of practice and precision. But once you have figured it out, count yourself less than five minutes to give yourself that classic wing. Take a look at one of my earlier posts for easy tricks and tips to ace the wing. With this look, we are progressing from a glamorous monday glow and adding more definition and visual lift to her peepers. The eyes capture most attention in the look and to contrast the bright cardigan that Asmita is wearing, I have chosen to line her lips fully with Bright Raspberry lip pencil from Bobbi Brown and tone down the brightness with lipstick shade Roseberry, also from Bobbi Brown. 

Smokey Wednesday or shall we go reverse?

Smokey eyes! Except for my mom who finds it a bit harsh, I haven't come across anyone who is not a fan. And the good thing is that there are so many variations to choose from. A recent favourite of mine is the Reverse Smokey and my Wednesday pick for Asmita. As against all the drama on the upper lid, the lower lid is the focus for a reverse smokey eye. For me, it's a variation that is appropriate at the workplace. With a black kohl pencil, line your lower lash line. Smudge it out as low as you would like and set it with black eyeshadow. Now really smoke out the edges with a dark brown shadow to soften the look. I used 'Suede', a soft grey shade from Huda Beauty palette all over the upper lid to complement her dress. Smokey eyes are best complemented with neutral lips and I used Lolita from KatVonD for this look.

Thursday gets a traditional twist!

Nothing spells Indian elegance and grandeur at workplace better than a Kota saree or a crisp Chanderi Cotton suit. While Asmita and I were discussing our thoughts on wearing traditional attire at work, she spoke of how it is often her perfect choice for comfort as well as professionalism. I couldn't agree more! I truly enjoyed wearing sarees and other traditional outfits to office while I was working. Soft smokey eyes and a bindi are perfect makeup options to complete a simple yet traditional look at the workplace. Use a medium brown eye shadow all over your lids. Line the upper lash line and lower lash line with a kohl pencil and smudge it out keeping the darkness closest to the lash line. You can choose to add a pop of sparkle just in the centre of the lids with a shimmery gold or bronze shadow. I chose to complete Asmita's look by adding some rich colour to the lips. 

Paint it Pink, its Friday!

Pink is girly, Pink is fun! And what better colour to kickstart the weekend with ! When Asmita chose this  cute pink pocket dress as her Friday outfit, I found a perfect match for her lips in Huda Beauty's Gossip Girl, a shade which Huda describes as "the everyday cute pink." Pink lips are the highlight of this look. The subtle pink eyeshadow which goes a little darker in the outer 'v' and a pop of powder pink blush just on the apples complete the look.

There you have 5 looks ladies, each simple yet different that you can choose from and play with for a typical week at work. And it's incredible how wearing your hair differently can greatly alter your look, innit! If you would like to learn further the art of daily and special occasion makeup, sign up for a private grooming lesson with me. Drop a mail to for details :-)

Happy Happy New Year chicas!! Stay Stylish, Stay Beautiful, Stay Yourself this year!

Wardrobe Courtesy: Asmita's own      Photo Credit : @aniees06      

Create your story, Wear the look!

Create your story, Wear the look!

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