Hydrate. Detox. Beat the heat!

Hydrate. Detox. Beat the heat!

Do you struggle keeping up with your recommended daily water intake? Do you happen to just forget hydrating yourself through a busy day? Do you find plain water too bland to reach for a refill? I have met one too many who would nod vehemently in agreement.  In fact I have had my fair bit of struggle with drinking enough water. But ever since I tried a few detox/infused water recipes, it’s not been that tough a task. Before we proceed any further, let me tell you this - The sole reason that I infuse water with any fruits or vegetables is to give it a flavor, a flavor so fresh that it makes me reach out for the next glass. And with every passing day, I have seen quite a few added benefits and positive changes in my body – I feel less bloated, my skin feels good, looks more radiant and I just feel refreshed through the day. As for shedding kilos by chugging pitchers of detox water, I am not completely certain about how it works. The way I see it, one possible reason that it may expedite the weight loss journey is by keeping you so full that you end up restricting your meal portions. And more water makes the body’s job of flushing out toxins easier. If nothing else, the refreshing taste of these detox drinks will push you to refill your glass. And they are great for keeping yourself hydrated in the summer.

Strawberry, Cucumber, Mint & Lime

One of the most refreshing combinations ever! And it looks ‘Oh so pretty!’ Cucumbers are among the most hydrating vegetables and infusing your water with it pulls out its minerals that you get the added benefit. Strawberries add that touch of sweetness while also infusing antioxidants and vitamins. Mint leaves give a refreshing burst of flavor and is effective in promoting digestion.

Chia & Lemon

Chia seeds are super food and when you put a tablespoon in a jug of water (2 cups) with a dash of lime, what you get is a power drink called Chia Fresca, widely popular in Mexico and Central America. The seeds are extremely high in Omega 3 fatty acids and have brilliant hydrating properties as they can absorb up to 10 times their weight in water. Chia seeds will sink and collect at the bottom. So give it a good stir before drinking.

Mixed Berries

Berries are anti-oxidant powerhouse and are hence great for detox. Throw in a handful of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and/or any other berries into a jar of water and add a few slices of orange/lemon for a citric flavored detox drink.


For all detox water recipes, the preparation remains pretty much the same. Drop ingredients in the bottom of a pitcher or infused water bottles. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours to infuse before drinking. I am not a big fan of overnight infusing as I feel the water tends to get a tad bitter for my taste. If you want even stronger flavor, you could also muddle the ingredients a bit before pouring in the water. If you are doing this, it’s better to strain the infused water before drinking.


You can refill the container 2-3 times before it begins to lose flavor. Each time you re-use the fruit in your infused water, you are going to lose flavor. The trick is to add more water to your container when the water is half way down. This way, you mix the flavorful water with the new water.

Nutritional value

Nutrients from fruits and vegetables leak out directly into the water. Most of the fruits used in infused water recipes are naturally rich in antioxidants, so you’ll also be consuming a variety of naturally occurring antioxidants when you drink infused water. It’s like making your own 'Vitamin water” sans the cost or hidden ingredients.

Eating the fruits after infusing

You can eat the infused fruit, but you’ll find that it is not nearly as flavorful as the fresh fruit. This is because infused fruits'’ juices' leak into the water, which is what makes your infused waters taste so good.  Most fruits become rather bland after infusing.

Photo Credits: These beautiful pictures are taken by our elder sister Rosemary aka Kunchi. She is so brilliant with styling her shots and of course clicking the pictures. All I asked her is if she could do these shots for me, and the very next day I had pictures flooding my mailbox. I love you lots and lots Unji and thanks a ton for these magazine worthy shots xoxo

Cheers people! Drink up xo

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