LipsTICK !

LipsTICK !

The little things we yearn as little girls! Among all the cosmetics that my amma had while we were growing up, lipsticks particularly caught my fancy. Oh no, we wouldn’t dare go anywhere near it. The thought of what would come our way if something breaks would keep us away. I wouldn’t blame my mom. Today, my makeup is as precious as jewellery for me. They are expensive to start with. Anyways, the pretty colors that would emerge while twisting the tubes were a sight. And the thoughts were like ‘One day, I will also have my collection of lipsticks, from reds to pinks, I'll have them in bold, bright and pretty colors, straight out of a beauty magazine, one day!

The day has finally arrived :-) I have a few dozen lipsticks now, in colours and textures that were once alien to me. There are 3 aspects that I consider every time I pick up a new one for my collection. And on today's post I am sharing those with you :-)


Undoubtedly, lipsticks are one cosmetic that can instantly and easily transform one's look. And that should be enough reason for every woman to have a few in her collection. Shift in seasons call for shift in shades, changing moods need change in colors and perhaps you need that one shade which is so you, which sticks like it was made for you.

When it comes to color, these are the must-haves that I'd recommend for your collection.

  • Nudes

The perfect nude is that shade which delivers a pop of youth and freshness to your face. It's your lips, but better. It's that shade which is perfect for an effortless daily look, your toned-down option for a heavy smoky eye and your shade of choice for a minimalistic yet professional workplace look. Choosing a nude shade is tricky. If you go too light, you will look pale like a corpse and if you go too dark, well then you have coloured lips based on the shade you choose. Depending on your complexion and skin undertone, the right nude for your lips will sway pink, peach or brown. 

ShimmerMe recommends for Indian skin skintone:  NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Bansar (a Rose Brown), NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita (a Dusty Rose), Bobbi Brown Nude (a medium brownish pink), Bobbi Brown Brownie Pink (a pinky brown), Kat Von D Double Dare (a cocoa blush), Huda Beauty Bombshell (a subtle pinkish nude), MAC Creme in your Coffee (a mid-tone pink brown), MAC Velvet Teddy (a deep tone beige).

  • Reds

A lippie addict or not, Reds are a must in your lipstick wardrobe. Like an LBD, it is iconic and spells glamour and confidence. Reds are great for evening looks, special occasions and perfectly compliments the festive season in winter. With Reds, one needs to tread with caution (no pun intended). If you have a light skin tone, go for bright reds with blue undertones. Orangish reds are perfect if you have a medium complexion. Brick, rusty reds are great for Indian gold/olive skin tones and think berry reds, say Merlot if you have a dark complexion. Do refer to my earlier post for more tips on picking your shade of red. 

ShimmerMe recommends for Indian skin tone: NARS Luxembourg (a bright fuchsia red) , Stila Fiery (a deep red), MAC Rubywoo (a blue-red), Kat Von D Nosferatu (a deep crimson red), Bobby Brown Red Carpet (a rich bright red)

  • Plums and Berries

Give your red lips a break this season. Agreed, red is classic but it's fun experimenting. Say hello to Plums and Berries. No we ain't talking jams here. Deep plums and berries are perfect alternatives to reds not just in the festive season, but also work great for uber-stunning evening looks round the year. A tinge of deep red to purple and there we have plum, a perfect festive colour (I feel Xmas-y already). You want to play dark without going goth - cranberry, raspberry shades have you covered.

ShimmerMe recommends for Indian skin tone: Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum (a rich berry), Brocade (a bright purple plum), Hibiscus (a plum wine), Stila Aria ( a magenta plum), Burberry Oxblood (a deep Burgundy), MAC Rebel (a deep plum).

  • Pinks & Brights

Bright lips - Think Summer, Think Fun, Think Quirky! Pink perhaps may be your safe entry into the world of brights and once comfortable you could dive deeper with fuchsia, coral and orange. Did I feel conscious the first time I wore an orange? Hell yeah. I gave my brain some time to get used to the colour on my face and of course the compliments did help. 

ShimmerMe recommends for Indian skin tone: NARS Grace (a bright pink coral), NARS Red Square (a bright orange red), Bobbi Brown Cosmic Raspberry (a bright pink fuchsia), Bobbi Brown Flame (a bright reddish coral)


The world of  lipsticks have much more to offer than just colors. There is quite a choice depending on the finish that you are after. It's important to have more than a moisturising formula these days. So here is your choice.

  • Sheer

The Beauty industry's answer to those who are not great fans of pigment and effort. Sheer lipsticks are hydrating with just a wash of colour and works great for effortless application. The finish has a shine but is not sticky. Think tinted lip balms, well almost :-). Not the best option if you have uneven and pigmented lips.

  • Glossy

Can be worn over a lipstick or as it is for a glamorous shine. Glossy texture tends to create an illusion of fuller lips and hence is best suited for those with thin lips. Apply just in the centre of your lips to accentuate that pout. Clear, shimmery, tinted are a few types that you can pick from.

  • Satin

Satin lipsticks are great for dry lips that needs moisturising. With higher oil content, it condition the lips giving you a silky smooth finish and offer better color payoff than sheer formula. 

  • Moisturizing

The texture is creamy with rich color. The finish is semi-matte and lasts longer than satin. 

  • Matte

These are pigment rich and hence are great with colour payoff. As the name indicates, you get a shine free, matte finish. Since they are a bit drying, it's important to moisturise the lips before wearing them.

  • Liquid

They are my hot favourite these days. The formula is liquid and within a few seconds of application, it dries matte. With rich pigment, it has incredible staying power. And good brands like Stila, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty are non-drying, contrary  to popular belief about the texture of liquid formula. 

Lasting power

'Does it last?', is one of the first questions that I ask the brand consultant when I pick up a new shade of lipstick. The more matte  a lip color is, the longer it lasts. So stay away from sheer, satin formulae if you are looking for lasting color and get your hands on velvet mattes, liquid lipsticks and lip stains. For sheer and creamy formulae, line the whole lips with a lip-toned pencil or a shade similar to your lipstick before applying the lip color. This will help the color last longer. Blotting your lips and applying a second coat after is another way to make sure the colour stays. 

And here are some quick tips before you go. 

  1. Lip balms are the primer for your lips. Use it daily for nourished, crack-free lips and under your lipstick for smooth application and lasting colour.
  2. The same shade of lipstick can look very different on different people. Differences in skin undertone, lip texture and the texture of the lipstick itself has its role to play. Even a swatch on the back of your hand may look different on your lips. So, unless you have a lot of money to splurge, always try the lipstick on first before investing.
  3. Dark and pigmented lips need higher pigment. Rich, dark colours in matte are your best bet.
  4. The life of a lipstick is between 12- 18 months - not your typical 'hand-me-down' material. So use them before they go bad. If you didn't know this and have lipsticks that has seen two leap years, it's high time that you toss them.
  5. Make sure your collection is diverse in shades and textures. What works on one day may not work on another. Plan well for your bad lip days :-)

Have fun building your tower of lippies girls! And if you haven't entered the #xmaswithshimmerme contest on Instagram, head there now. The smile on your girlfriend's face if she wins will be worth it. It's a great bag of handpicked goodies. Go for it xoxo

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Xmas inspired!

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