Pinks and Blues, cool summer hues..

Pinks and Blues, cool summer hues..

Just when I thought that I was done with Indian summer, I flew right into the start of Arab summer. As much as I dread it for the scorching heat, I am so in awe of the colors that you see around - bright yellows and oranges competing with pastel pinks and blues and the ever alluring summery whites. You just need to look around and there is so much to draw inspiration for the looks that you would want to create. So, when I set my eyes on this gorge pastel blue flounce sleeve dress, I instantly started thinking about the colors that I would want to incorporate into the Makeup that I complement the look with.  As I am putting together my professional Makeup kit, my visits to Bobbi Brown and Sephora have been rather frequent and I dug deep into my recent stash. It was almost instantaneous. When I got my hands on the Naked Pink palette by Urban Decay, I was convinced that I’m going to play with hues of pink for my Makeup to create a summery day look.


I wanted to complement the pastel blue with subtle shades of pink for the eyes. With shades of pink and rose in a wide range of finishes that flatter pale, olive and dark complexions, the Naked 3 palette is simply irresistible. I applied ‘Nooner’, a pinky brown matte all over the eyelids. Buzz, a metallic rose shimmer is applied and blended from the center to the outer corner of the eyelids. I finished off with Dust, a pale metallic shimmer to highlight inner corners of the eyes.

Tip: If I am using powder eye shadows especially dark shades, I always finish my eyes first and then do the rest of the face. Even for this look, I did my eyes first, the reason being that there is a high chance of powder from the brush falling under the eyes, which has to be cleaned before you do any correcting and concealing in the under eye area. Also, do not forget to use a primer to prevent your eye shadow from creasing and to ensure that it stays put.

Face base

I have used Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in my shade, Warm Honey 5.5. You can either use a foundation brush or full coverage brush or just your fingers for application. I keep trying to work with different formula to check what works best on my skin .The best part about the stick formula is that it suits all skin types. So this is something which I recommend highly as an investment for Asian women.


I am a huge fan of blushes to create a fresh, healthy look. They are easily my go-to cosmetic to add that bit of pretty brightness during summer. I have dabbed a bit of Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink on my cheeks and dusted a bit of powder blush in the same color over it.

Tip: Creamy blushes are great for a dewy finish, but layer powder blush over to make the blush last.


For this look, I have used shades of pink for the eyes, cheeks and lips. Eyes are in subtle shades of pink, blush is a little more pronounced and the lips are bright in Cosmic Raspberry, a bright pink fuchsia. You don't always  get to complement your eyes and pinks with the same color, but when it's pink, it can be easily done. 

Tip: To make your lip color last, line your lips with a pencil from the same color family. I used Bright Raspberry for this look.

Ideal for a brunch or a day out with the girls, this look screams pastel summer. While choosing pastel Makeup over a pastel outfit, make sure that you incorporate at least one bright shade like the Raspberry I used for my lips to avoid a completely washed out look. Pair with tan accessories and you are good to go. 

Live pretty, girls!

Wardrobe: Dress - Zara; Floral tiara - Claire's.
A big shout-out to my super talented sister, Rosemary Joseph aka Kunchi for the amazing clicks xoxo

A decade long love affair with Bobbi Brown!

A decade long love affair with Bobbi Brown!

Latte to Partay!!

Latte to Partay!!