Shades of Nude

Shades of Nude

Subtle. Natural. Dewy. These are a few words that come to my mind when I think of Nude Makeup. It is the type of Makeup which makes you look truly natural, truly fresh and most importantly truly YOU. So no smokey eyes, no bold lips, we are talking colors that are very close to your natural skintone and lipcolor. In today’s post, there are three Nude Makeup looks that you can experiment with, from an absolute bare to a flawless finish.

True Nude

One thing that I truly believe is that ‘A little bit of grooming never hurt anyone’. And nobody minds getting a compliment about how fresh and well-groomed they look. So the next time you are stepping out to run errands or heading out to the mall, you do not have to pile on Makeup, but just a little bit of Tinted Moisturizer and nude lips could do the trick. This look is as bare as it can get. What you are aiming for is just a fresh glow. This is also a great start for those who are new to using Makeup. To achieve this look

  • I have used Bobbi Brown’s Nude Finish Tinted Mositurizer in ‘Medium to Dark’. This one just gives a sheer coverage.
  • I have tightlined my upper lash line with Black Kohl pencil and applied Mascara on my lashes.
  • I have used just Bobbi Brown’s lip pencil all over my lips sans any lipstick.      

Barely there

With this Nude look, you are still not going generous with Makeup. But, you may use a Tinted Moisturiser with a better coverage; you may define your eyes a little bit. It is minimal, effortless and still very You.  It is something that I would love to sport to work every day. For this look,

  • I have used NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Cuzco for the face. This gives you medium coverage with a matte finish.
  • Upper lash line is lined ultra thin, tightlined and mascara is generously applied to lashes.
  • There is a subtle pop of color on my cheeks with Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in 'Calypso Coral'.
  • Lips are filled with Bobbi Brown Artstick in ‘Rose Brown’.

Ultimate Nude

Now this is the nude look which I call the exaggerated Nude. Blemish free, unbelievably flawless and perfect – that’s what you want your skin to be. This look calls for a concealer where needed and a foundation which gives good coverage. From runways to brides, this Nude look is highly coveted. To get this look,

  • I have used Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in ‘Warm Honey 5.5’.
  • I have used the shade ‘Buck’ all over the eyelids and the shade’ Smog’ over it. These are from Urban Decay Naked palette. I have applied a very natural looking pair of false lashes from Kiss, lined my upper lash line and finished the eyes with with lots of Mascara.
  • I have used a Bronzer, just below the cheekbone and along the jawline for a natural contour.
  • Lips are colored with ‘Nude’ lipstick, one of my favorites from Bobbi Brown.

Two things I have done with all the 3 looks are concealing the dark circles and filling out my brows. While the aim is to achieve a natural look, it is also important to make it look flawless and hence concealing any darkness around the eyes or other pigmentation is important. Your brows frame your face and hence grooming it right is key, the trick here is not to go overboard while filling sparse areas.

Tips for perfecting the Nude look

  1. Use shades that look natural on you. Stick to tinted moisturisers for daily use. If using foundation, know when to stop.
  2. Conceal, correct where necessary.
  3. Trust in the power of Mascara to open up the sleepiest of eyes.
  4. For lips, stick to colors closest to your natural lip color. Pale pinks, peaches and nude browns work great.
  5. Groom your brows.

And before I sign off, here is wishing my amazing bunch of friends who I have known for long, and many of you who I have not yet met, but still write to me with such warmth 'A Happy Friendship day'.

Lots of hugs and love from our home to yours.

Skincare Routine : PM

Skincare Routine : PM

Keen-wah or kee-No-ah, let's just eat it!

Keen-wah or kee-No-ah, let's just eat it!