Soft Brown eyes and Nude lips feat. Divya Bhasi

Soft Brown eyes and Nude lips feat. Divya Bhasi

I have seen her with absolutely no makeup on or with super bold red lips. I got to know this wild child about 5 years ago and I’d describe her as a soul with insane levels of energy round the clock. With a career in retail and amazing networking skills, she could boast of a social circle that is the same as the population of one of those small countries in the world. May be exaggerating a wee bit, but yeah it’s something close. When I was thinking of a makeover for Divya, one thing I was sure of was that she is not bleeding red on her lips. So with mademoiselle’s consent, we decided on nude lips and soft brown smoky eyes.


She normally does her eyes with a Kohl pencil and at times, a liner on the upper lash line. That’s about it. I wanted to do a little more, but something she could wear during the day and transition easily into night. I started with the shade ‘Buck’ all over the lids. It’s from the Urban Decay Naked palette. I went over Buck with 'Whiskey' from the Urban Decay Smoky palette, with stronger intensity in the inner and outer corners. Instead of the usual black kohl pencil, I have used the pencil 'Teddy' from Mac to line the upper lash line and then smudged it with 'Darkhorse', a shimmery brown shader from the Naked palette. It's also applied from the centre to the outer corner of the lid. Used Teddy to line the lower lash line as well and set it with Darkhorse. Divya has thick long lashes, so I have just used the 'Smokey Eye Mascara' from Bobbi Brown to further enhance it.

Base – Eyes & Face

Divya has combination skin. So I prepped her face by moisturizing the dry areas with Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face cream. I absolutely loved how the Laura Mercier primer was able to create an even and smooth base for her Makeup. I didn’t feel the need to use a corrector for the under eye area, so I directly applied Bobbi Brown concealer in Warm Honey only after hydrating the area with an Eye Cream. She doesn’t usually use a foundation so I wanted to ease her into it. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation in Warm Honey, which is a liquid formula worked perfectly as it gave her coverage and still felt light on the skin.

Blush & Contouring

Because Divya has naturally strong cheekbones, I didn’t have to do much for definition. I have used a foundation, Almond,  two shades darker than her skin color just under her cheekbones and then dusted Bobbi Brown Bronzer in the hollows of her cheeks.


So here is another wonder chic with thick dark brows. I am so jealous. Anyways, I just brushed her brows and left it as it is.


I have mostly seen Divya in bright lip colors. I was clear that we are not going bright or bold for this look. So, I lined her lips with Bobbi Brown lip pencil in Brownie and used Divya’s own lip color, Scarlet Drill from Lakme. I love how the color complements her lip color and olive complexion.

I would see this look work during the day or at night. May be I would go for brighter lips for an evening look. We had the boys in the house say it looked very natural and not made up. The very few times we actually agree on something!

What Divya had to say: I mostly use a Kohl pencil and a bright lipstick when I step out. So the plan was to keep the look minimal, play around with the eyes a bit and create a look that I can wear during the day or night. What I liked the most about the makeup was how light-weight it was on my face. I always thought black kohl is the only option to highlight the eyes and Reshma certainly proved me wrong with this soft smoky brown eye makeup. I got a new look which I loved :-)

If you are following ShimmerMe on Instagram, you would know  that I am in Bangkok. I got this gorgeous mani-pedi done here and apparently ‘Shimmer’ is the in-thing for nails here. Ain't we happy! See what I discover on the beauty front in Bangkok as I share feeds from here :-)

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